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Who We are ACE and Our word Is Our Bond...


We are a privately owned company providing that personal feel, which only small companies can, since 1993. ACE opened for business in of that year to provide inspection services to Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Companies in the UK and since then has spread to include Leasing Companies and Legal Advisers. We have completed approximately 100,000 inspections in the last 6 years alone and we are one of the leading independent Consulting Motor Engineers in the UK dealing with most, if not all, vehicle examination needs and requirements.

We have engineering consultancy resources across the UK and our services include general and specific types of examinations on cars and commercial vehicles. We provide a “one-stop” facility for our clients for information and guidance. We work closely with forensic science labs; oil and fuel labs and metallurgists where necessary. Accuracy, fairness and competitive pricing are key...

Our consultants are some of the best experts in the UK and we comply with the Civil Procedure Rules CPR35 (Click CPR35 Button Details), which is fundamental to our company ethos and although not regulated by the FSA, we believe in the principles of the Treating Customers Fairly (Click Treating Customers Fairly Button Details) .

CPR35 - We comply with the Civil Procedure Rules CPR35

Treating Customers Fairly - Although not regulated by the FSA we believe in the principles of the Treating Customers Fairly

Our Word is our Bond

Our Word is our Bond - not something you hear much in business today, but we will help and provide a service until an outcome is achieved.


We will provide an independent view not influenced by any party and aim to provide a fair and balanced view. Providing help and assistance to all the parties.
We will endeavour to help the parties to come to an agreement.
We will provide a cost effective service.
We will provide the best expert from our panel to achieve the desired outcome.
We will act promptly to mitigate costs.


We will always remain unbiased. We are not a hired gun and cannot guarantee anyone an outcome that is preferable to them, but rather an honest informed opinion based on facts, evidence and extensive experience in our field.

Here are some names to contact if do not receive our best attention.

Graham Thomas MIMI, MSOE, MIRTE - Road Traffic Accident Dept. 

Tony Farndale MIMI, MSOE, MIRTE, CAE, LCGI, MIDiage - Vehicle Examinations Director.

We appreciate all feedback, and if you have any issues please use the form on the button below.