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Web portal link, Office chat with Emma, Bobbi, Melissa, and Kenzie. There are PDF and YouTube videos on using portal, Hints and Tips and Phone Number Directory. 

We hope these help ACE Team…

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Welcome To S.O.A.K, also known as the "source of all knowledge"... well perhaps not all and as such, we have provided some help just below.
Regards ACE Team.

Thank you for using our web portal, the application is designed to help and we believe is very is intuitive, basically the buttons and controls do what they say. However, with any new system there is always a learning curve, but our office team can always help to smooth the transition. We have provided some YouTube videos to help or you can contact us for help. Thank you for viewing the videos and sorry about me droning on, IT is not most people’s cups of tea, but it is better than typewriters, honestly! Just press the button on the right for more information or below and right we have a PDF version.

Best regards Tony.

As YouTube is not everyone's cups of tea, just press the button on the left for more information in a PDF version. Best regards Tony.

Phone Numbers Click Image

This is our phone number directory given direct dial numbers for key departments and the heads.

Hints and Tips

On this link (click on image on right) we have provided hints and tips for improving Fuel Consumption, Weekly vehicle checks, Choosing a garage and Buying a car.