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Body, Paint and Accident Damage

Components Failures… You may think, well, what’s the point? Its failed! And to some degree that’s true, but knowing why a component has failed can have many benefits. For example, have any servicing issues, operating conditions or even operator issues caused the failure? Or, you may just need a second opinion of an expensive repair to confirm that the repair option best suits you.

When a fault develops and the repairing agent is unable to provide an explanation of the condition. (In fairness to repairers, their normal focus is to provide a quick and effective repair method and the cause of a condition being a distant second consideration.) We; however, have extensive experience in diagnosing component failures and can provide close and logical interpretation of a fault. We can further provide insight into the best and most effective cost / repair option and provide a more level playing field to the customer on difficult technical issues.


Our experience and expertise can often help resolve issues that are proving difficult to understand and bring to a suitable and correct conclusion. Our engineers can look at the fault without bias, providing accurate and a systematic explanation of events.

Sample Accident Report