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Thank You for accessing our download page for clients. 

Here you will find useful information about our services; sample reports, the 8 phases in an inspection process and sample letters, which may be useful to give you a better understanding of the the process  in which you are entering.  Some of the files are stored on share-file, which is a secure sharing application.  We are here to help you through the process as much as possible and although we have a lot of experience, in some cases legal advice may be necessary to further your case, but we will help as much as possible.  The average time in the process is 5.5 - 6.5 hours ,which often surprises clients, but this obviously is subject to the issues at hand.
We cant guarantee  that our report will favour your position, but will hopefully improve your understanding of the issues in a much clearer way and will ultimately suggest if the next step, in the event of legal action, is likely to be successful.  We will act a quickly as possible, but carefully build the case and rushing is not a good option over all.   

Sample Reports

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Sample letters

Examples of ACE introduction letter and dispute letters.  To leave just close window. 



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Terms and Conditions

Inspection terms.   Button at end of page to returns to this page.


The Rules we have to work to

We are fully comitted to the procedure rules CPR 35 and PD 35, we are not a hired gun, but are commited to helping the courts come to a balanced decision.  To leave just close window.