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Laboratory  Reporting

At ACE we have always worked closely with the laboratories we use and often the information provided needs to have an engineering element added to it, as in independently the information does not necessarily provide the complete picture. This, added to one of our comprehensive reports, provides a further dimension, adding to the report’s strength.


We use several different specialist laboratories to complete these reports. Fire and headspace analysis can add valuable information as to the cause/s of fire damage and the accelerant propagating the fire damage. Oil and fuel analysis and filter testing are every day to provide further assistance into fuel or oil related issues and this is now aided by the use of filter testing.


Tyre analysis can provide detailed reasoning for tyre failures in service. We also utilise metallurgy with regards to the fractures in a material that needs a more extensive detail finding. We have also had environmental tests done and stability checks using the latest technology. Our ultimate aim is to provide a very comprehensive report on a particular defect or issue.

Sample Laboratory Report