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ACE is one of the leading independent assessing companies in the U.K, utilising the services of some of the best consultants with regards to mechanical vehicle inspections in the U.K.

Our sole aim is to provide a highly competitively priced professional inspection service, utilising some of the leading experts in our industry. We believe totally in fairness and integrity and aim to achieve a professional level of service – second to none.

We have been providing high quality vehicle examinations since 1993 for the general public and to our commercial clients which consist of the leading leasing companies, warranty companies and some of the leading road risk insurers, motoring organisations and road haulage associations in the UK. We offer our clients complete confidentiality.

We have completed approximately 100,000 inspections in the last 6 years on cars, caravans, motor homes, motorcycles, agricultural equipment, transporters and LGV (large goods vehicle) LCV (light commercial vehicles) and PSV (public service vehicles). The consultants used having appropriate vocational qualification and certification.

Our expertise covers just about every aspect of motor vehicle/commercial vehicle examinations and include civil prosecution compliant reports CPR35 for expert witnesses, forensic component failure analysis, general vehicle examinations, fire examinations, oil and fuel analysis including engineering interpretation, metallurgy and engineering interpretation, tyre examination / auditing, accident damage cost control reporting, diminution, locus examinations, quality repair, tachograph analysis, garage and technician skill auditing, traffic commissionaires report compliance audits and CPC training courses. 

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