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Do I need a pre-purchase inspection?
Clearly, if you are experienced with vehicles then you may be able to identify existing defects at the time of purchase. However, for the majority of people this is not the case and therefore we offer this inspection by, which will be carried out by trained technicians to determine the condition of a vehicle before purchase. This will identify present conditions, which are not considered commensurate with the vehicle’s type, age and mileage.


This report provides an overview of the vehicle and gathers information on the vehicle’s current condition. Damage, wear, maintenance and safety issues are considered to determine whether a purchase is a good investment or likely to be costly in the short term. ACE pre-purchase inspections focus on physical inspections and in most cases include a vehicle history check to determine for instance whether the vehicle had been recorded as having been in an accident, reported stolen or has any outstanding finance on it.

ACE provide three different levels of used car inspections with our premium pre-purchase inspection being the most comprehensive and detailed service.

A premium pre-purchase inspection includes:

  • A 143-point mechanical and visual structural inspection (including inspection of the fuel system, exhaust system, vehicle underside condition, clutch and transmission checks, brake hydraulics, front and rear suspension checks and water pump operation), where the vehicle will be raised to conduct a more through inspection as well as a full interior, bodywork and paint inspection and Plug-in diagnostic check.
  • Road test, if the vehicle is considered safe and legal.
  • Free phone basic consultation with the mechanic after his inspection has been completed.
  • Vehicle report emailed to you.
  • photos included in the report.

 A Basic pre-purchase inspection includes:

  • A 105-point mechanical and visual structural inspection, including checks on fluid levels, front and rear brake disks/pads, electrical controls, tyres and bodywork. Basic checks on interior and electric controls, cleanliness of engine bay and tyres are also undertaken.
  • Road test, if the vehicle is considered safe and legal.
  • Vehicle report emailed to you.
  • Phone consultation with the technician or a text or email so you can discuss the details with the seller.

Why do some include a road test?
All our inspection checklists include a road test to examine the condition of important features such as the steering and braking, and give a clear idea as to whether a vehicle is roadworthy.

How long does an inspection take?
A Premium pre-purchase inspection typically takes between two and three hours, depending on the vehicle, where it is situated and its condition.

The Standard and Basic used car inspections usually take between one and two hours.

Sample Pre-Purchase Report